Social Media Management

Social media is a trend that the entire world is adapting to. It is just now that people are realizing this is a full time job. Most brands do not have the time or experience in running a successful social media campaign for themselves. That is where we come in. Crush Brands works as an invisible third party extension to brands.

Social Ad Management

Social ads are one of the best weapons in a social media-marketing arsenal. The ads are hand selected and tailor made for users. Ads are delivered in different methods as users hang out on social media sites. Unlike commercials, made for the masses, social ads allow us to hand select our targeted demographic based off of the information Facebook’s users give, like: their age, gender, location, interests, as well as in combination with other pages the user already likes. As marketers, we can choose niche target demographic and provide users something they have been looking for. In other words, Facebook ads carry easily found messages to those looking for answers.

Web Design

Technology illiterate? We can still build your perfect site! Our developers build custom sites so easy to use they are monkey proof. We update existing sites or build them from scratch and give our clients the competitive advantage they need. No project is outside our wheelhouse. For those more technically savvy the icons below represent a few of the technologies our experts use to turn your dreams into reality.

Search Rankings

Many of our clients have all the bells and whistles to succeed they just don’t show up when you Google them. Don’t make the common mistake of throwing more money into ad campaigns. Our team measures your website from hundreds of points and works with the search engines to boost your rankings from the inside out. Together we use the newest practices both on and off the website to make sure you rise to the top of the search results and stay there.


You have 15 seconds…GO! People on social media create their own videos using apps, and click away from content that doesn’t immediately grab them. So how do you captivate them? Given only seconds on popular sharing sites like Instagram and Vine, the videos that we produce are visually engaging with styling that sets them apart to differentiate your brand. We use professional editors, specializing in short-form videos and multimedia using industry standard tools. Our range of skills includes excellent storytelling and motion graphics. Apps are cool, but don’t you want to stand out? We can help you do that.

Still & Drone Photography

We are excited to offer Aerial Photography and Aerial Video Photography. This service gives our clients first access to the most innovative ways of delivering digital content. Our footage has proven beneficial to industries like: Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real-Estate, Construction & Infrastructure, Marketing and PR, Live Events, Art & Architecture, Corporate Training, and Resort & Hospitality, and more. We utilize an array of high tech aerial solutions to capture HD images and video.

Our photographers come with over a decade of experience, and are true masters of their craft. Pictures and videos are the best content in social media practice.

Crush in the Press

The Broadcast

The Broadcast

The Broadcast

The Broadcast

Social Media Chapter in You Said What?

Special Thanks Page in Vanessa Williams’ Book

Who We Are

Lauren Korenvaes is the Principal and CEO of Crush Brands, a social media marketing company. Lauren is a graduate of the University Of Arizona with a Bachelors of Science in the field of Human Development. She is an alumna of the Alpha Epsilon Sorority, social media correspondent on the TV show The Broadcast, Member of the Social media Club of Dallas, contributed a chapter on social media in the the book YOU SAID WHAT.

Lauren Korenvaes founded Crush Brands in 2010, dedicated to sparking the true viral nature of social media for the brands and people we represent.

Crush Brands is a hip and fresh boutique-style company that specializes in social media management. We take the hassle and work out of day-to-day content generation, strategy implementation, and account monitoring for brands and people of high public interest.

What We Do

Crush Brands is a digital agency specializing in Social Media Management, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Website Development, Video Development, and Digital Ad Management. Our clients range in genre from celebrities, athletes, politicians, businesses of various sizes, and charities.

We aim to truly distinguish each one of our clients amongst all the noise and chatter online, with creative execution, carefully crafted messaging, and the right synergy between our clients. With 4+ years of experience we have found the formula for online marketing success.


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